Total Given So Far: $14,701

Ever wish you could have a pot of money to pull from whenever you wanted to do some good in the world? Or perhaps need a little push of your own to jumpstart a philanthropic idea or a giving project close to your heart?

Welcome to the Rockstar Community Fund (RCF), a project of, where we pool together funds and then go out and do good in our community every single month :) Or more specifically, help you to go out and do good.

We make it possible through the following initiatives:

  • The #GivingCards Project — This is our flagship project where we hand out $20 VISA cards every month to those who will use them to create unexpected joy for someone else. You can see all the incredible (and creative!) ways our community has used them here.
  • #DebtDrop — We also keep our eyes open for those struggling hard with debt, and then surprise them with a no-strings-attached $50 to help them pay some of it off. We know it doesn’t fix everything, but we like to think it gives them a little hope for the day and reminds them that they’re not alone.
  • Our Emergency Fund — This is a stash of money we set aside to be able to quickly assist anyone in our community when an unforeseen situation occurs, like an illness, injury, sudden loss, or any other unexpected life event. It allows us to help right away!
  • The Incubator of Good — We set aside a little money every month to help fund new projects that are brought to us through the community. If you have an idea you’re currently trying to get out the door, or need help in amplifying it, let us know and we’ll consider partnering up for a test run or two! We think of this whole site pretty much as our “incubator of good,” and want to make the RCF as beneficial as it can be for everyone.

Thanks so much for being here :)

– J. Money & Nate St. Pierre