#GivingCards + Pearachute

In May 2017, we tested out our first full-company partnership. There’s a fast-growing and really fun startup in Chicago called Pearachute (they let your children drop into the best kids’ classes in your city), so this month we decided to give every employee in their small company a #GivingCard, with no restrictions on how to use it, just to see what would happen. How much good could they do together as a team? Read on to hear them talk about how it went :)

Since we launched Pearachute, we’ve had dreams of finding a way to make kids classes more accessible to all families. Last year, we partnered with The Ounce to explore how we can start to invite families with financial need onto the platform in a way that is sustainable and engaging. The #GivingCards project offered us an opportunity to do exactly this! We used our #GivingCards to purchase 5-class Flex Packs to send to The Ounce and matched the donation ourselves, but we thought that we could go further by getting our members involved. We reached out to our members to see if they wanted to donate extra classes from their accounts, and they did not disappoint! Pearachute members donated a total of 240 kids classes. This adds up to $5,760 worth of kids classes! Our friends at The Ounce distributed these donations as 5-class Flex Packs to young families around Chicago’s South and West side, giving families the opportunity to attend classes that support their kids’ development and create unforgettable family memories.

Thank you #GivingCards for helping us turn $160 into $5,760!

— The Pearachute Team

“Partnering with #GivingCards gave our entire team the opportunity to work together on a project that reflected our values and desire to engage more deeply with our community. It was really great to work with a philanthropy partner that inspired creativity and let us customize our giving in exactly the way we wanted, as individuals and as a group.”

— Desiree Vargas-Wrigley, Founder

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We’d like to thank the entire Pearachute staff for such a great partnership, creating over $5,000 of GOOD for kids in the Chicago area! We love that they found such a creative and effective way to amplify the giving beyond just their own group, and tie it into their core mission at the same time. Beautifully done, team!

If your company would like to work with The #GivingCards Project, we’d love to customize something with you! Reach out to us here to get started: Contact Us